Your right to defend yourself and loved ones....

“Luck favors the prepared”

In today’s world, no one can argue it is wise to be prepared. Those of us who believe that we have an inherent right to defend ourselves and loved ones from harm and threat, also recognize that circumstances sometimes impact how you fulfill that right. 

If you are faced with an imminent deadly threat, you should respond with the appropriate force; which often times means a deadly weapon. Most people automatically think of a firearm for those circumstances. However there are several factors, (such as tactics, distance, crowds, availability…) that might dictate you choose another options: A tactical Folding Knife makes an outstanding and viable second deadly force option… 

Welcome to the Tactical Knife Options-Civilian course... More than just physical techniques; a comprehensive self-defense seminar: The course will discuss:
- Choosing a self-protection tactical knife,
- How to deploy the knife,
- Lines of attack,
- Various types of attack,
- Anatomical targeting options,
- Legal and tactical considerations,
- Physiological and psychological effects of combat (fear induced)stress,
- Increasing your situational awareness
- Active scenario training  

“Would recommend this class to anyone regardless of age or gender. Jeff Black is a great instructor. I came away with a new found confidence and knowledge of knifes and how to properly defend myself with one.” Don from CO, 2013
Civilian Training - TKO