ESR promotes pro-active training and awareness.  This training emphasis allows for the Law Enforcement Professional to identify and neutralize a threat before the threat materializes into an actual assault action.  
You work in an often chaotic, volitile environment, and you must have training that mimics the real world in order to maximize your combat readiness.                                    
We have drawn from real world fighting systems and promote techniques that are based on gross motor skills, non-gender specific, real world tested, and take into the consideration the physiological and psychological effects of Combat Stress, on the human body.

ESR offers personalized, tailored instruction in the following areas:

- Tactical Knife Options (TKO)
   TKO is a Colorado P.O.S.T. approved Advanced Curriculum. This one-day comprehensive certifcation course                       teaches both offensive and counter tactics for the active LE professional. The physics and dynamics of CQC                   situaitons, knife carry and deployment, as well as practical/tactical threat identificaiton and nuetralization techniques are     taught.
- FIrearms
  Basic, advanced, and tactical instruction as well as CCW and Home Defense.
- Hand-to-Hand
  Instructors are certifed and or experienced in in PPCT, FBI, Krav Maga, Systema, LE Ground Tactics, LE edged                  weapon tactics, Tactical Knife Options
- Report Writing
  Basic Report writing documentation host by the County Sheriffs of Colorado
- Close Quarter Tactics
  Building search and room clearance tactics/techniques for the solo officer or small team
- Non-Violent Crisis Intervention
  This course is designed for the Leader / manager who may have to deleiver bad news, corrective action and                        termination procedures. Excellent for those who operate in customer service oriented enviornments